Nazar and Irina perform for various venues.  Their dancing is dynamic, unique, captivating - it draws the audience into their dance.  Tears, cheers, applause, standing ovations are emotions and actions that their performances invoke.  

Their shows embrace the various dance styles of dance.  Their choreography starts with the music that invokes feelings - joy, sadness, love, humor and more.  Their various costumes compliment their dance choices and helps create the feeling.  And then Nazar and Irina take to the floor with artistic, fluid and dynamic choreography that the passion, sadness, joy, and/or humor of the music.   Their presence on the dance floor is inspiring. 

Nazar and Irina are also available to work with students, who want to have the Pro/Am experience.  In addition, Nazar and Irina coach other Pro/Am and Amateur couples and provide direction and guidance to help them meet their desired dancing goals.  

They also adjudicate competitions and other studio/dance related events.  Given their training and experiences they are a great choice for your event.  

Nazar and Irina are also available to conduct group classes, workshops and inspirational lectures. 

They are a dedicated, professional couple and will bring their talent and expertise to your function needs, whatever they are.